Now this was a strange one, just proving the importance of keeping up with the latest technology.

A very upmarket body repair shop carried out some work on a 2011 VW Jetta and I might add, a real neat job, you’d never say that the car was involved in a front end collision.

After cleaning the vehicle and checking out all the lights and electronics, the technician spotted a little bit of dirt on the windscreen and flicked the windscreen washer to clean it off – lo and behold no wipers or washers !
A quick peek under the bonnet at the connections and yes all were good, so on to the fuses - good as well.
OK this one is for the in-house auto electrician - let him earn his wage.
45 or so minutes later he was also stumped – the motor tested good, the switch tested good, so where to now ???

This vehicle uses a Body Control Module (BCM) to control all electronics so you can't really test for electricity flowing to and from the switch so out came the Brain Bee Diagnostic tool to check the switch, parameters etc.
A scan of the system revealed a fault relating to the bonnet position switch, but that wasn’t of any concern yet as the problem was with the wipers.
Checking the switch statuses in the current data showed all to be good, so what could be the problem then?
The guys just about gave up and decided to look at the bonnet switch complaint in the meantime while thinking over the wiper fault.
As they opened the hood and fiddled with the bonnet switch, all of a sudden the wipers started working (they were obviously left in the on position).
The technician immediately let go of the bonnet switch and the wipers stopped again, press in the switch and it was bath time for the windscreen - Wooohooo.
Uhmmmmm problem found, this vehicle is set up in such a way that to protect the bonnet from the wiper arms possibly scraping against it when open the bonnet switch sends a signal to the BCU telling it when its open and this in turn deactivates the wipers.
Clever people these Germans, Hey !! Adjusted the bonnet switch and all was fine again.
Chalk 1 up for the body shops - come on independents your turn to let them know how good you are :-)